Information for authors

According to the Orde by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 241 09.03.2016 р. the scientific journal is recognized as the professional edition , in which the results of dissertation research on receiving of scientific degrees of the doctor or candidate of sciences can be published.

The journal ” THE ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF REGIONAL ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT “is published in Ukrainian, English and Polish once a year in 2 volumes.

ISSN 2518-7589 (Online), ISSN 2313-8246 (Print)

Authors should submit an electronic version of the article to the Editorial Boardʼs e-mail for prior review for compliance with the journal subject and requirements. On the condition of the positive conclusion the author should send additionally (in paper or scanned variant) such documents:

1) 2 reviews of leading scientists in the field of economics;

2) a copy of the payment receipt;

3) Assignment of copyright.


The  article should  not exceed 25 pages, including figures, which form to these requests.

The rules for submission of electronic  form of article are as follows:

1.Acceptable text formats: MS Word (rtf, doc).

2. Acceptable graphic formats for figures: TIFF, GIF, JEPG.



The term between publication and submission of article is 4 month.

Maximum term of article reviewing is 20 days.

Publication fee for authors from Ukraine is 30 gryvnyas per page. Publication fee for doctors of sciences is 15 gryvnyas per page.

Publication fee for authors from other countries is 4 $ per page. Publication fee for doctors of sciences from abroad is 2 $ per page.