Tsiupa Oksana

Candidate of economic sciences (PhD in Economics), 

Associate Professor at the Department of Finance


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  • Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, degree of specialist economist – financier , 1999
  • Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Master of Public Service, 2002
  • Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, postgraduate specialty 08.00.08 “Money, Finance and Credit”, 2009


  1. Department of Finance of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration (1999-2004) – head of the department of finance of the socio-cultural sphere and social protection of the population, 5 years of public service.
  2. Deputy Head of the Project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” (SIDA), 2014-2020.

SCIENTIFIC DEGREE: PhD in Economics, 2013

Defended PhD THESIS on “Formation and usage of development budgets in Ukraine”, 2013

ACADEMIC STATUS: Docent (Associate Professor of Finance)

POSITION: Associate Professor at Department of Finance, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian university

EDUCATIONAL DISCIPLINES TEACHED BY: Budget system, Budget management, Financial policy, Gender approach in professional activity

SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: public finance, strategic planning, budget system, financial capacity of territorial communities, gender mainstreaming, gender-oriented approach in the budget process, gender approach in project management

PUBLICATIONS: 88 works, of which 53 are scientific and 35 are educational and methodological in nature, 1 author’s certificate, 1 teaching aids with the seal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

1. Financial policy of stimulating the innovative development of the agricultural sector and the mechanism of its implementation: foreign experience / T. Y. Cus, O. I. Yemets, O. P. Tsiupa // Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. – 2020. – No. 4. – P. 347–355. – Access mode: http://nbuv.gov.ua/UJRN/Fkd_2020_4_38
2. Rudenko, V., Voloshchuk, R., Melnyk, V., Tsiupa, O. The impact of consolidated value added taxation on innovation and investment processes: European experience and prospects for Ukraine. WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, 2021, 17, pp. 321–331. (Scopus) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/350917908_The_Impact_of_Consolidated_Value_Added_Taxation_on_Innovation_and_Investment_Processes_European_Experience_and_Prospects_for_Ukraine
3. Peculiarities of social protection of the population in a pandemic condition: Economic and legal analysis Kondratiuk, T.; Novoselska, I.; Palelulko, O.; Shevchenko, O.; Tsiupa, O..Estudios de Economia Aplicada ; 39(9), 2021. Article in English | Scopus | ID: covidwho-1471297 https://pesquisa.bvsalud.org/global-literature-on-novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov/resource/pt/covidwho-1471297?lang=en
4. Formation of the strategy of innovative development of the agricultural sector and financing of its implementation / T. Cus, O. Yemets, S. Movchun, S. Onyshko, O. Tsiupa // Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. – 2022. – No. 6. – P. 150-159. Access mode: http://nbuv.gov.ua/UJRN/Fkd_2022_6_14
5. Innovative development of the agricultural sector: financing models and assessment of the impact of financing at the regional level / Sus T.; Suduk N.; O. Yemets; Movchun S.; Tsiupa O. // Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. – 2023, vol. 2(49), pp. 181–193. Access mode: https://fkd.net.ua/index.php/fkd/article/view/4021
6. A public administration system focusing on the provision of public services / Oleksii Tkachuk, Oksana Tsiupa, Oleksandr Olshanskyi, Olena Serdiukova, Iryna Vishka // AD ALTA: Journal Of Interdisciplinary Research (13/02-XXXVI.) Access mode: https: //www.magnanimitas.cz/ADALTA/130236/papers/A_09.pdf (WoS)

1. Krykhovetska Z. M., Tsiupa O. P., Tsygylyk I. I. Finances (in questions and answers): study guide. – [2nd ed., revised. and additional]. (Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine) letter No. 1/11-13670 dated September 9, 2013). Ivano-Frankivsk: center of educational literature, 2012. – 182 p.
2. Gender-oriented approach in the budget process [Text]: prakt. manual / [Tetyana Ivanina, Oksana Kiselyova; Kolodiy Marianna; Olena Ostapchuk; Oksana Tsiupa]. – Kyiv: Vivario, 2020. – 88 p. : tab. – Bibliography: p. 55-57 https://mof.gov.ua/storage/files.pdf
3. Methodological recommendations for the discipline “Fundamentals of gender-oriented budgeting” / Elizabeth Klatzer, Tetiana Zhiber, Oksana Tsiupa. – Kyiv, 2020 https://mof.gov.ua/storage/files.pdf
4. Application of a gender-oriented approach in the budget process: training. manual / M. Kolodiy, O. Kiselyova, N. Ryabushenko, O. Tsiupa. – Kyiv: Vivario, 2020. – 132 p. https://mof.gov.ua/storage/files.pdf
5. Advisor on the application of a gender-oriented approach in certain industries / T. Ivanina, O. Kiselyova, M. Kolodiy, O. Ostapchuk, O. Tsiupa. – Kyiv: Vivario, 2020. – 48 p. https://mof.gov.ua/storage/files.pdf;
6. Tsiupa O. P., Kondur O. S., Vasylyuk M. M. Gender approach in the budget process // Actual problems of development of the economy of the region. – 2022. – Issue 18(2). – P. 288-297.
7. Tsiupa O.P., Kondur O.S. Normative – legal support for the use of a gender-oriented approach in the budget process in Ukraine. Actual problems of the development of the region’s economy, 2023. Vol. 19. Vol. 1. P. 278-288.

1. Certificate No. 118148 dated 14.05.2023 “On the copyright of the work “Methodical instructions for the completion of industrial practice by specialty for applicants of the second (master’s) level of higher education, specialty 072 “Finance, banking and insurance”

1. Online course “Effective budget process in local self-government bodies” on the Prometheus educational platform, 2017 https://courses.prometheus.org.ua/courses/course-v1:AMU+BP_101+2017_T1/about
2. 2. Online course “Gender-oriented budgeting for community development” (Prometheus), 2018 https://courses.prometheus.org.ua/courses/course-v1:AMU+GOB101+2018_T3/about
3. Online course “Gender-oriented approach in the budget process” (EdEra), 2021; https://study.ed-era.com/uk/courses/course/384



National expert in public finance, gender governance, gender-oriented budgeting and participates in international programs and projects, including:

  1. Projects “Gender budgeting in Ukraine” (SIDA), 2014-2020,
  2. Program “Decentralization brings better results and efficiency” (DOBRE), National Democratic Institute (NDI), 2021,
  3. UN Women projects “Promotion of gender equality and expansion of women’s rights and opportunities within the framework of decentralization reform in Ukraine” 2021-2023, etc.
  4. Research Institute program “Supporting women leaders in Ukraine” and “Effective and Responsible Policy Program (U-RAP) 2022”.


  1. 2018-2021 – teacher of the “Public Finance Management” program at the KYIV SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS.
  2. Member of the Working Subgroup on the Development of the State Finance Management System of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Finance dated December 22, 2018 No. 1124).
  3. Coordinator of the cluster “On issues of finance and budgeting of local self-government bodies” of the sectoral working group “Decentralization and regional development” at the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine
  4. Participant (invited) of the course “Gender Budgeting” conducted by the Department for Budgetary Issues of the IMF at the United Vienna Institute (Austria) in 2019, 2020 – presentation of the experience of Ukraine


  1. Deputy head of the Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty of Economics.
  2. Member of the public organization “Research and consulting and practical center of business, marketing and law”
  3. Member of the “Scientific Analytical Center of the Ivano-Frankivsk United Territorial Community”


  1. “Scientific perspectives and innovations in education: experience of the Czech Republic” (“Scientific perspectives and innovations in education: experience of the Czech Republic”). International Economic Institute, 2022

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University,
Shevchenka Str., 57, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
E-mail: oksana.tsiupa@pnu.edu.ua